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My art
  • When it comes to art, I love the human form. I love the shadows across someone's face. I love the way clothes fold and drape.
  • I want to experiment with color more. I want to learn how to do landscapes. I want to sit at my dad's art table like he used to.
  • Media: Tempera paint on card stock or Bristol
Painting, portraiture
Painting, Portraiture
Pen and ink drawing of house
My dad's art
  • My dad's typical media was pen and ink, with acrylic paint as needed.
  • Primarily active from the 70s through early 00's, his style is postmodern. He often had a message to send with his art.
  • In the 1990's he completed multiple architectural drawings, then turned his attention to Biblical illustrations.
  • My ongoing attempts to catalog his art can be found on Instagram under the name he often used in his work: 
Pen and ink drawing
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