Owls! Owls everywhere!

I would not have thought that there would be infant fashion, but there is. There totally is. Someone out there is in charge of designing onesies and picking the colors that our children will be forced to wear. e.g. When my oldest was born (boy, now 9), baby boys were in bright blue and red. A mere 15 months later his brother (now 8) was wearing oranges and browns.

And now I have a baby girl. Pink was a given, but what surprised me the most was the owl trend. Everything has owls on it. My Boppy pillow. My diaper bag. Onesies, dresses, bedding. She was gifted 2 stuffed owls.

I found out it's not just baby clothes. Today baby was in a good mood, so I took her out to see if we could find some discount Halloween decorations, and what did I find? More owls. And not just Halloween owls. The Halloween owls are making way for the Christmas owls.

When exactly did our collective obsession with owls start? Is this a Harry Potter thing or what?

#owls #babygirl #babyclothes #parenting #decorating

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