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"How Cinderella Becomes the Evil Queen" - guest blog post on "She Cannot Be Contained"

"Featured Writer on Wellness" - quest blog post for "Writing and Wellness"

Technical Editor and Cybersecurity Reporter for CrowdStrike Intelligence Team:

  • Writes a monthly report on cybersecurity trends. This report is available to CS Intel customers.

  • Provides editorial services to CS Intel team, including technical editing on malware analysis and peer review of cyber intelligence topics.



"Livingston" published in Eye Contact under the name Becky Watson



Contributing editor to Flash Fiction Online.

Debut novel Notes of Temptation published Feb 2016-Mar 2017 by Samhain Publishing. Re-release as a self-published novel will be on 26 September 2017. Available now: Amazon or iBooks

Notes of Temptation


When Carrie Cooper leaves her small gold-mining town to seek her fortune, it’s not until she arrives in L.A. that she learns her college certificate is a fraud. The only work available is in a less-than-respectable speakeasy.


The job comes with the opportunity to take the stage with Oz Dean, the club’s captivating bandleader. But rivals out for her blood along with her place in the spotlight lurk behind the curtain.


Oz Dean has the rare ability to “see” music as brilliant colors, but nothing has ever dazzled him like Carrie’s pure, choirgirl voice. With a mob debt hanging over his head like a guillotine, he organizes a revue that will launch them all to stardom. Unfortunately, his bold move attracts exactly the kind of criminal attention he’d like to avoid. 


Mired in Hollywood’s underbelly, caught off-guard by their growing attraction, Carrie and Oz are forced to consider the cost of success. Or their one chance to make beautiful music together could be their last.

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